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I recently went to a psychic party where Alonnie was doing readings and it was amazing . It was a fun & entertaining evening. She was definitely in touch with many of us and the readings were amazing. Definitely worth it . I plan to book a party with her soon in the new year. Thank you Alonnie, be in touch with you soon— feeling thankful.

~ Chris R.

Absolutely best I’ve been to. I felt totally comfortable and inspired by what she shared ..... I drove home balling but I would recommend her over any local psychic medium

~ Kevin L.

I have had Private Readings done at my home by Alonnie for years. She has always left my guests feeling so much better when they leave. She has told me things only my late husband and I have known. And her insight into future events is amazing. I will continue to support her by having these gatherings at my home. If you don't believe in this type of thing, I encourage you to try it once. I believe you will leave with a more open minded view of this gift.

~ Dorothy W.

Testimonials ...

Alonnie it was so great meeting you at Statler City! I felt like I could have sat there and talked with you all day lol but most of all you made me feel comfortable. I hope to see you at the next one!

~ Nicole C.


ALONNIE "the Parlor City Psychic Medium"

Thank you so much for my amazing reading today!! It’s was just what I needed!! If anyone’s is on the fence about doing a reading with Alonnie do it you won’t regret it!! The entire experience was great!! I definitely got the closure that I was looking for.

~ Ashley S.