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ALONNIE "the Parlor City Psychic Medium"

House Parties

Gather your friends, breakout the hors d'oeuvres and drinks ... then enjoy readings in your own home.

Invite between 5-12 friends and you as the host will have your reading for FREE.    (see all details)

Paranormal Activity

As if Alonnie doesn't have enough on her plate; she is also the CoFounder a regional paranormal team ...

 ... the Study of Paranormal Events Confirmed Through Evidence, Research & Science ( S.P.E.C.T.E.R.S. ) have been officially investigating the things that go bump in the night since 2012.

Alonnie is also currently a co-host on the weekly radio program Let's Talk Ghost which air on Diversity Broadcasting Friday 8pm-9pm.

Evening of Messages

An Evening with Alonnie ... in a gallery reading format Alonnie will be bringing messages from beyond for some members of the audience.

Partnering with local venues to get the right location, atmosphere and energy Alonnie offers an entertaining and unique experience that people leave feeling amazed.

Most venues start at $35 each for the evening ... Check this website and Facebook for the next scheduled event.

Photos curtesy of the short film Bataille De Sang

Clergy / Officiate

Weddings, funerals, house blessings and more.  Contact Alonnie to officiate your next ceremony.  Personalized specifically for the event, that day to remember will be a day to remember. 

Contact Alonnie early to ensure she is available for you.

Photos curtesy of the short film Bataille De Sang

Private Readings

The Medium is in.  Here to help, sessions are by appointment only.  Monday - Friday after 5pm just give Alonnie a call, text, instant message or email to schedule a reading.

30 Minutes ...................... $60

45 Minutes ...................... $80

60 Minutes ...................... $100