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Greetings to All ....

Since my return there has been a huge response from both old and new clients.  I am eternally grateful, humbled and appreciative for your support and patronage.   

However there have been several "no show" appointments in the last few months.  As a result I will now be requiring a non-refundable $25 deposit for appointments. 

I have established a Booking on Line feature that will help simplify the process.

I will also take appointments over the phone or by text.   Scheduling this way will require the deposit by credit card or PayPal before the appointment is confirmed.

Thank you 

Welcome ... 

... and Thank You for visiting my website.  I am Alonnie and I am a regionally known psychic/medium from upstate New York. 

I have embraced my abilities since early childhood and in 1992 began touring with the psychic circuits in the region.

Mediumship is but one of the services that I offer;  I am also

  • a  member of the clergy and a priestess
  • a teacher and lecturer
  • a paranormal investigator & researcher

If you are looking for

  • a private reading or want to have a house party;
  • need someone special of officiate your wedding or hand fasting ceremony;
  • want to learn more about the metaphysical or paranormal;
  • or if you have things that go Bump in the Night

... then give me a call or send me an email 


ALONNIE "the Parlor City Psychic Medium"


• A canellation by either party will be rescheduled without penelty.

•• A "No Show" will result in loss of the $25 deposit.

Thank you