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Hunting The Haunted ParaCon Redemption

Hosted by NH Project Paranormal

January 25-27  2019

An Evening with Annabelle, 1/26/2019, Manchester, New Hampshire, The following is a collection of thoughts, impressions and wondering. First off, I’d like to say this particular item on our (hubby Anvil &I) personal Bucket List is now Checked off.  Grateful for this opportunity we are to Tony Spera and NH Project Paranormal.  

Driving to New Hampshire, a 5.5 hour drive to the Hunting the Haunted ParaCon  we talked  about what we thought would happen tonight, excited to be a part of the festivities at the ParaCon, see Annabelle, see another piece of the Warrens haunted collection, a large Gold-Framed Mirror from a case in New Jersey (more on this later)  and listen to Tony Spera regal us with tales of things that go Bump in the Night experienced by his in-laws, legends in the field of  paranormal investigations, Ed & Lorraine Warren, along with some of his own adventures. To be within arm’s length of objects that hold so much mystery, unearthly power for harm… we were twitter-pated to say the least.   For three hours Tony spoke, showed videos, and the last 45 minutes or so the; unveiling of Annabelle the Mirror, questions & answers and PHOTOS.

Tony spoke of the current Conjuring and Annabelle films, and those yet to come. According to Tony the first Conjuring film was 85% accurate, up to the end, the cellar portion with the chair upside down and the exorcism by Ed was total Hollywood. Still a fine scary flick, a must see and an instant Horror Classic.  The second Conjuring film, The Enfield Haunting, 65% accurate, Hollywood added the Thin man etc.  The Annabelle films, 1% real, 99% Hollywood at its spellbinding best.  As those in the know, know… Annabelle is a rather large Raggedy Ann Doll, the terrifying doll created for the films did exactly what it was intended to do, be terrifying.  It should be noted that Ed called the house in Rhode Island the “Bewitched Farm House in Rhode Island”, Hollyweird named the movie, the Conjuring, no connection to the Mirror that Ed called the “Conjuring Mirror”.

Now I want to add my own reactions, just a piece here: From the moment we walked into the room and found a chair, there was Annabelle in her travel case under a black and a red cloth covered and looking oh so mysterious to the front left of the room, what got my attention right off was the white cloth draped large object leaning against the right side wall, the Mirror.  From the Mirror I could hear murmuring, whispers, voices, a feeling of energy projected out, like a funnel, large end open into the room, sending out what I was hearing, feeling. If I looked over at that cloaked Mirror once I did it two dozen times. Chatty, noisy little bugger.  From Annabelle’s coroner it was more like a low hum, thick, dense, sucking the rooms energy back unto itself, like a funnel in reverse. Two very different feelings, both holding my attention, curiosity, being respectful and smart enough not to engage with either, for the most part.   

Tony went on to show us a few videos from Lorraine and Ed and a few from the team he is working with currently. He is following in the family business as it were. He spoke about the debacle with Zac Bagans and Annabelle, and let us be honest here, who did not see this going ass up is fooling themselves. To have been on that flight, to Los Vegas to film, poor stewardess keeping quiet that THE Annabelle was flying in first class!!! Many questions left here for me. Back to Annabelle.

Tony talked about how he has taken up the mantel of making sure that this “vessel of extreme evil” is protected and the world protected from her, it, whatever it is. And he seems to be in earnest here, he talks of the measures taken, blessings, not moving the doll to much, keeping exposure down. Again, more questions here but let me go on. The Warrens Occult Museum open in 1952 is closed to the public, perhaps permanently. Seems after decades of being open to the public a neighbor got all twisted up and fussed, seems the town charter in their neck of Connecticut did not allow for museums, to Tony’s credit he fixed this, he is now tying to find a commercial building willing to rent to him, you can see that this is a huge challenge, one he is up for.   And still the Mirror hums along and Annabelle is like a cold burg of solid dense energy, taunting us to engage with her. Tony spoke of people who have tempted fate by pushing their luck with the doll, to their sad demise, how people want to taunt, and cajole and pump up their chest and tell the doll how mighty they are and could take on her little nothingness. Ignorant, blind, stupid perhaps. MOVE they say, do something... anything... show me how tough you are they say. Tony warms us, and well as the wavier we sign before going into the lecture, he is not responsible for our safety if we choose to temp fate with the charming large red hired doll behind the wood and glass crossed bedecked blessed case.  I must admit I wondered if I could get a rise out of her, not one for believing in demons in the classic sense that is reported to be residing within. Tony even states, “We don’t know if there is anything left in the doll, or what it really is or was, he does report that Annabelle is still found to this day with a moved arm or leg, a slight change of position. I found interesting a hand twisted wire bracelet with her name, Annabelle, twisted with the wire on her right wrist, I wondered how, why, from whom that she was given a gift of such a personal nature, this was not talked about. 

Time for the Big reveal, first the Mirror, looking about six ft tall, maybe 2ft wide, a rectangle with gold fame with a peak at the top, old, weathered, silver fading from the glassing,  the Conjuring Mirror felt like a large amount of energy tumbling out, all a bunch of confusion and chatty babbling only louder, I was not afraid, more curious, it was like a cork had been popped and the voices where free to leave the Mirror and let loose. Now Tony had assured us as much as he could, given the wavier and all, that the items where blessed and had a sort of force field around them protecting us from their boogie-woogies, unless you did not heed his warnings of course.

Tony turned to the left and said: Ready! Set! And the lifting off, of the protective coverings, first the red then the black cloths, inner light installed in the case lit and there she was, Annabelle, the famous, infamous, haunted, possessed doll of legend, less than 30 feet from our seats. Oh, how the intimate crowd of 50ish got on our feet, cameras, phones, strained necks, nervous giggles and a gasp or two heard. And from me a slight grin, finally eye to eye, heeding the warning, kind of, in my own way.  A large headed red yarn haired, big black-eyed Raggedy Ann Doll, complete with pinafore and stripped stockings, painted grin, looking out at us. Looking is an odd word, dead shark eyes, but it’s really about the WHAT IF that might be lurking within the cloth doll that is the draw, the question, the mystery.  Will Tony say: “her arm, her leg, her head has moved !!!” will she do something with us here. The chances of anything like this happening is slim to less than none, as a paranormal investigator, this is the stuff we yearn for and is all to evading.  Was the pulsating feeling all in my mind? Was it really coming from the doll? IF she is/was SOOO dangerous why bring her out for photo opts and the Possibility of her claiming a new victim? Humans have a need, well some humans, all in the room included, wanting to encounter to some degree something beyond comprehension, to conquer over, find fear from.  That is what the draw really is.

Now the crowd surges forward, me to the mirror, biding my time to get to Annabelle, I have patience, the Mirror is calling me forward. At one point while talking with Tony I mentioned how I felt /perceived the energy from both. He asked me if I was a Seeer and I nodded, and he gave me that nod of acknowledgement back. Oh, how I wanted to touch that Mirror, but I keep my hands to myself, but it was hard, being a psychic medium and hearing the chatter... oh this was tough. I would have spent more time with this pretty given the chance.  After about 30 minutes the crowd thinned, and we made our way over to the case. I put my face just inches from hers, the thin glass between us. Looking over every inch of her, it was here that I saw the twisted wire bracelet, a touch of tarnish on it, it has been with her for who knows how long. She looked every bit like a child’s doll, needing a hug and some love, if we are to believe the legend that would be a big mistake indeed.  No one rushed us really, we had time to spend between the two items, until it was time to move along saying our good byes to Annabelle and the Conjuring Mirror.  Thoughts and prayers go with Tony to Lorraine, as her health is not well and time is not on her side, she and Ed shall reunite sooner than later I’m afraid.  So many questions, adding up what was said, knowing there are so many ways to deal with things such as the Mirror and Annabelle and hearing the unwavering words from Tony that there is only one true way to deal with these kinds of haunted / possessed items, people, etc.  it left me wondering, conflicted and a tad annoyed. At some point I will chat again with Tony and ask him my questions. Is something dark and unnatural, ungodly, lurking, waiting, plotting, I’m not sure, truly I’m not sure. I will say maybe and if it is a possibility and /or a straight up Yes then the Warrens have done our world a great service and I am grateful that in my lifetime I was able to bear witness to two objects that by the Graces of these families the Warrens’ and Spears’ are doing the hard work for the greater good of us all.

And off to the VIP Karaoke Party we go, which was much fun and a long-needed date night before the ParaCon in the morning.

NOW this is not the end of my dealings with Annabelle. We had for the first time in what seems like ages a large bed with no animals between us, no feet being attacked by kitten claws, neurotic dog needing reassurance that the clawed kitten will not kill us in our sleep, well hopefully.  Anvil woke up a few times which woke me up, on the second or third time I was facing him, so I rolled over and in the light from the bathroom that was left on, I see 3 ft from me, Annabelle, standing, staring at me. Says I “What you are doing here?” “I’m really not interested in anything you have to say or want so you can go”, and poof she was gone. NOW do I believe it was Annabelle visiting me, NO, do I think that she was answering my eye to eye exchange, NO… MAYBE… who knows!!!  More than likely a waking dream. Time will tell as Tony said if she does visit you, weird things will start to happen around you.  Well… we will see.

The ParaCon was great on many levels. What we found interesting, now that we have been to a several events, (not counting the larger city events such as SalemCon, Scare-A-Con etc.)  we saw how very similar to the two we hosted in years past they have been, low attendees, venders who don’t show up, tons of money spent on advertising that doesn’t really pay for itself.  In all this there is a tight knit group of people, devoted to their pursuit of the Paranormal. Much like the people who are attached to this kind of fun, those who needed to come where there and a good time was had by all.  Another highlight of the day was purchasing two bracelets made by Judy Warren Spera made form Lorraine’s jewelry, proceeds go to animal care. We left happy, bucket list engaged, with more questions than answers, not necessarily believing all we heard and being the child of Earth & Sky that I am this pagan lady has her own way of dealing with things that are paranormal and go bump in the night. Find out more about our return home adventure, which you can read about at  www.SPECTERS.US.


ALONNIE "the Parlor City Psychic Medium"