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COVID19 - Home Party Guidelines

COVID19 - InShop Guidelines


ALONNIE "the Parlor City Psychic Medium"

COVID19 Restrictions that apply to Individuals in a private residence.

 • Social distance when possible

• Use of a face mask if needed

~ Alonnie is a guest in your home

and will comply with the rules

that you have established ~

01} Social distancing practiced during the appointment

       • Six (6) foot distance when possible

       • Face mask when need, when possible (exceptions for medical conditions)

                •• Face mask will be made available if you do not have one

        • Six (6) foot distance when possible 

      • A personal bottle of Hand Sanitizer will be available for you   

02} COVID19 Tracing and Record keeping collected and maintained

       • Name, Address, Phone#, Contact e-Mail

       • General condition at the time of the appointment

       • Notation if you are unable to wear a mask

       • Notation if you require any other accommodations

03} Surfaces to be cleaned and sanitized before and after each client

       • Chair, Table, Door handles/nobs

04} Outside Food and Drink can not be allowed (exceptions for medical conditions)

05} Currently, additional people are not allowed at your appointment

       • If you require an Emotional Support Human (ESH)   accommondations can be made.