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Hello all, Alonnie here, I had a little bit of a neurological issue Tuesday (9/15) and found myself in the hospital.   I am home now but I am not up to seeing clients at this point in time. Please be patient, I hope to be back up and running within a month and I will keep everybody posted.

A huge apology to all the clients and house parties and events that were coming up September and October; we will get things rescheduled as soon as possible. 

A huge shout out and even bigger thank you to everyone at UHS Wilson Medical Center ER and North Tower 2 …  you were all a godsends and truly professional, wonderful people and I am grateful to all of you.

Stay posted for updates coming soon.

Thank you 

There are some State Mandated procedures that wiil have to be implimented and followed.

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If you do not need a medium (talk to the dead), but just require a reading ... I would suggest James James.  He is an experienced Tarot reader and has my full confidence.

He can be reached at 607-269-8080 or visit his site at
Thank you 

Welcome ... 

... and Thank You for visiting my website.  I am Alonnie and I am a regionally known psychic/medium from upstate New York. 

I have embraced my abilities since early childhood and in 1992 began touring with the psychic circuits in the region.

Mediumship is but one of the services that I offer;  I am also

  • a  member of the clergy and a priestess
  • a teacher and lecturer
  • a paranormal investigator & researcher

If you are looking for

  • a private reading or want to have a house party;
  • need someone special of officiate your wedding or hand fasting ceremony;
  • want to learn more about the metaphysical or paranormal;
  • or if you have things that go Bump in the Night

... then give me a call or send me an email